new images in photo gallery

My latest images are at total opposites to each other.

“Driftwood” is a simple composition set in the natural surrounds of a beach setting.  It was taken at Safety Beach along the Morinington Peninsula, Australia.


“under the wire – forgotten” on the other hand is an urban landscape of  a neglected and abandoned factory set in inner Melbourne, Australia.  It has been heavily processed with texture and selective colouring.


Both images are available for purchase here


textures and photographs

Adding layers of texture to your images can really add a dramatic effect to what might otherwise be a plain photograph.  I find I generally use textures when I want to add some atmosphere or even an aged feel to an image.  Textures and dark vignettes work really well together to draw your eye to the main subject.

Here are a few examples of layered texure added to some images.  In my members zone at the galleria mancuso website, I have a section where I disect layered images and show what I have used to create the finished works.

six views

six views

Check it out if you’de like to see how.  You have to register though to access the members zone but it’s all free!

To view the complete range of textured images, check out the ARCI – TEXTURE section at galleria mancuso