sound relief concerts.

Classic Aussie rock returns!!!

I watched on tv, continually flicking between the two cable channels and with much anticipation, the Sound Relief concerts which were staged to raise money for the victims of the devestating Victorian bushfires and Queensland floods.  Two concerts, held simultaneously in Melbourne and Sydney, with local and international performers.  Amoung them, Coldplay, Jet, Jack Johnson, Wolf Mother, Kings of Leon, Kylie Minogue, Liam Finn playing with father Neil and Crowded House to name just a few.  All fantastic, all happy to be there and all pleasing the crowd.

But the highlights for me were not the internationals, although Coldplay were…….Coldplay and when joined on stage by Australian music Royalty John Farnham, sent the Sydney crowd into a frenzy; but the reformation of some of Australia’s iconic rock bands.  Hunters and Collectors, Split Enz (honorary Aussies) and the mighty Midnight Oil.

I’d watched on and off for most of the day but after the minute silence to honour the dead, you could hear a pin drop amoungst 80,000 plus people,  I sat glued to the box when the last three performed at the Melbourne show. 

First Hunters and Collectors, having not played together for 10 years, showed that time and absence has only made them better.  In what seemed like an effortless performance belting out hit after hit, Mark Seymour’s voice was in perfect form on classics such as When the River Runs Dry, Holy Grail and the majestic Throw Your Arms Around Me.

Split Enz, reforming for the event, with brothers Neil and Tim Finn pleasing the crowd with many of their classic hits.  But the moment I had waited for was to see rocker turned politician (Federal Environment Minister) Peter Garrett and the boys from Midnight Oil bring the house down with their iconic Australian sound.  And they didn’t dissapoint! The band was as tight as ever and Garrett’s voice and quirky dance moves catapulted me back to the 80’s.  Songs like “Redneck Wonderland”, “Read About It” and “Blue Sky Mining”, they were back!  “One Country,” “Beds Are Burning,” “King Of The Mountain,” “Dead Heart” and thd classic “The Power And The Passion” all played perfectly and effortlessly and the crowd and I lapped it up.

All up a fantastic event in two cities to raise money and show support to people who have suffered from the devestating events of the last two months. 

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