Featured – Land and Seascape Gallery

I will begin featuring one of my galleries on a weekly basis.  This week’s feature is the “land and seascape” gallery.  Works are sourced from around Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, Point Cook and surrounds and Beijing, China.

land and seascape gallery


a whole lot of new images.

I’ve added a whole lot of new work into the galleries. Here are just a few.

like a rainbow…..

A reflective view of the NAB (National Australia Bank) building at Docklands, Melbourne, Australia.  In the “creative reality” gallery.


This was taken at the Forbidden City, Beijing, China.  In the “simple by design” gallery.

nail it…..

I was playing around with some nails and a macro filter on my lens. In the “mostly monotone” gallery.

the beacon…..

Cape Schanck lighthouse, Mornington Peninsula, Australia.  In the “land & seascapes” gallery.

the novel…..

This is from a series of images I did on this theme.  More can be seen in the “simple by design” gallery.

These and many more new images are in the galleries.  Please take a look through.  All work available at www.galleriamancuso.com

galleria mancuso update

A quick update on a few things happening in the galleria.

My image “on yer bike” won a rebubble challenge in the Nikon D80 User group called “two wheels”

Plus some new work.

Cleansed…..was taken during my trip to Beijing in 2008.  This is inside the Forbidden city.

The note…. was taken aboard a train in Beijing.

All work available at www.galleriamancuso.com

new images added to gallery

I’ve been busy lately working on some new images for the galleries.  Here are just a few examples of what I’ve been up to.

late one afternoon…..

Taken in the fantastic hills at Cape Schanck, Mornington Peninsula, Australia.  I’ve added two extra images for colour and texture.

the lot…..

An empty parking lot at Docklands, Melbourne.  Saturated colours and second image texture added for colour and effect.

the note…..

Taken on a moving train in Beijing, China.

These are just a few of my newest images.  Please go to the galleries to see more.


new work in photo gallery

These are my latest images in my gallery and are all available for purchase by clicking on the image.

breathing – white

breathing – black

These works and many more available at  www.galleriamancuso.com

new work in photo gallery

From my series on Chinese images, these miniature replica statues are of China’s famous Terracotta Army.  The original’s are life size and number around 8000. They were buried underground at the entrance of China’s first Emperor, Qinshihuang’s tomb to protect him in the afterlife.  They were modeled on actual citizens of the time and no two are the same.

“the warrior”

“the emperor’s army”

These two images compliment each other and are available for sale here.

new images

Hi there, just letting you know I’ve added two new images to the galleries.  



is in “orient express”
red september...

red september...


is in “sky dancing”
Check them out.