series – aero

battle weary wm

into confusion wm

series aviator

I wanted to highlight and capture certain sections only of the subject but not destroy the overall theme.  I got out my camera, some macro filters and a model plane.


Featured – Land and Seascape Gallery

I will begin featuring one of my galleries on a weekly basis.  This week’s feature is the “land and seascape” gallery.  Works are sourced from around Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, Point Cook and surrounds and Beijing, China.

land and seascape gallery

new work – photography

I spotted this scene in the reflection of the building’s windows across from me.  It somehow reminded me of an early settlement of a new colony.

House on a hill…..

Melbourne, Australia.













Reflections from a different building located nearby to the one above.

The Temple…..










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I am pleased to offer a select range of original images from my collection at specially featured prices.

Direct from my rebbubble account, you can now choose your own print size, matte colour, frame colour and frame type.

Featured prints will be changed monthly.

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iphone photography

Getting back to simplicity by taking some snaps with my iphone.  By uploading them to “instagram” and using the variety of filters they provide, ordinary shots can be turned into works of art…….. Well, maybe not works of art, but they’re pretty cool.

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